The Feminist Captive Movement at Damoun Prison issues a statement of Anti-violence against women

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The statement issued by the Feminist Captive Movement at Damoun Prison, discusses the issue of violence against women and the violations they are subjected to, especially Palestinian female detainees who suffer in the Israeli prisons.

 The statement declares the following: "on the occasion of the Anti-violence against women campaign and the World day of Anti-violence against women, and being a part of the world's women who are subjected to violence, slavery and cultural, political and social abuse, we the Palestinian female detainees in Israeli jails consider ourselves part of the national and international feminist movement, we salute and appreciate women's struggle wherever they are. We call to continue struggle to abolish all forms of discrimination, violence and exploitation. We cannot separate our national and social struggle, and we call you to strict to real resistance to eliminate all forms of discrimination, and fight to free the occupied people who are subjected to apartheid".

 In the same context, female detainees complained on the harassments they are subjected to recently. They explain that after moving the detainees from Damoun to Hasharon prison the suffering increased, where the administration of Damoun prison is striving to find ways in order to humiliate the dignity of female detainees, without taking into account their femininity and their special needs.

There are many arbitrary procedures taken by the administration of Damoun prison against detainees such as: decreasing the hours of taking a break in the yard, and distribute it into three stages to prevent female detainees from meeting and talking to each other. In addition, the head of the prison had deliberately visited the prison during the time of the break, which deprived them of going out. Thus, the prison administration violates the privacy of female detainees and deliberately retains their belongings especially books, let alone Damoun prison is very old and lacks the minimum necessities of life.