The Commission of Detainees Affairs organized a symposium on "The Israeli terrorism and racial laws against detainees".

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 The Commission of Detainees Affairs organized a symposium on "The Israeli terrorism and racial laws against detainees" on Tuesday, in cooperation with the Palestinian Society Prisoners' Club and Al-Haq Organization.

 The symposium was attended by the Fateh Central Committee member Dr. Jamal Muhiesen, the Head of the Commission of Detainees Affairs, Issa Qaraqe', the Head of the Palestinian society of prisoners' Club, Qaddura Fares, the Knesset member, Osama AL-Sa'di, and the Director of Al-Haq Organization, Sha'wan Jabareen.

Muheisen said "the Palestinian leadership headed by the president Mahmoud Abbas, puts the case of detainees on the top of its priorities, where the leadership and people are proud of the detainees movement and will always stand by them and defend their rights, and it is seeking to release them all".

On his part, Qaraqe' affirmed that the Israeli goal behind legislating racist laws against Palestinian detainees, the latest of which was to deduct tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority, considered an extortion to criminalize the Palestinian struggle.

He called to encounter these racist Israeli policies and to expose the Israeli terrorism against Palestinians at all levels.

Qaraqe' also requested a legal opinion by the International Court of Justice on the legal status of Palestinian detainees, in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law. In addition, he called for referring cases of war crimes against humanity committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, including torture, unfair trails and other case to the International Criminal Court.

On his part, Qaddura Fares said that the fascist occupation government is trying to get out of its corruption, represented by Netanyahu, by enacting unprecedented legislations and racist laws against Palestinian people and detainees.

Al-Sa'di spoke about the Israeli right wing extremism in the Knesset and the racist campaign against Palestinians in general and detainees in particular, which no Israeli government has ever reached this extremism and criminality. He also explained that since 2015, the Knesset has passed more than 25 laws which entered into force, and contradict the international principles and human rights.

For his part, Jabareen stressed that the Palestinians must take advantage of all available legal and diplomatic means to condemn and criminalize the occupation, and compel it in accordance with the international law to carry out its duties towards the Palestinians as an occupying power.