Statement by the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs and the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club on the case of sick detainee Mutasem Raddad

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Statement by the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs and the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club on the case of sick detainee Mutasem Raddad

June 9, 2024

Ramallah- The Commission of Detainees Affairs and the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club stated that the prisons’ administration refused the visit of sick detainee Mutasem Raddad, 42, from Toulkarm, after transferring him from Ofer Prison to Alramla prison’s clinic, in which several sick detainees with chronic diseases are held.

He is one of the most difficult cases in the occupation’s prisons, where he was transferred from Alramla prison to Ofer prison after October 7, and he is facing an extreme medical crime, by depriving him the minimum elements of the treatment he was receiving.

He was transferred to Alramla prison last May after a deterioration in his health conditions, while the administration of prison refused to allow visits since his transfer.

The Commission and the prisoner’s club confirm that concern on his fate increases after receiving information that he was transferred to another hospital several weeks ago. The prison’s administration refused to disclose his whereabouts, despite the lawyer’s attempts to know his location and health conditions, and refused the lawyer’s visit request.

Detainee Raddad is one of hundreds of sick detainees in Israeli prisons, whose numbers have risen unprecedentedly in the light of the crimes of torture, starvation and systematic medical crimes, which constituted the main reason for the martyrdom of some detainees since the beginning of ongoing war of genocide.

A liberated detainee from Ofer prison delivered the message of Raddad before returning him to Alramla prison, in which he said: “I feel that I will be the next martyr in Israeli prisons, as my health is deteriorating day by day and I fainted many times in the past few months. My heartbeats are irregular and I have hypertension, in addition to breath shortness, and I feel like I’m suffocating without any help. I have severe pain in the joints and back and I could not sleep well. The only word I hear from jailers (you are dead here). Our plight as sick detainees in prisons cannot be imagined, as we die every day and detained in cells. We suffer from hunger, thirst, suppression, assault, torture and deprived of the minimum healthcare”.

The Commission and the prisoner’s club holds the IPS fully accountable for the fate of Raddad and all detainees held in Israeli prisons.

Raddad’s family asked for pursuing the pressure to provide the minimum healthcare he used to receive, as he did not receive any medication since the beginning of the war.

The commission and the prisoner’s club called for an internationally supervised investigation on the crimes and gross violations committed against detainees in Israeli prisons.