*The occupation authorities extend the detention of the journalist Rasha Herzallah for five days*

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*The occupation authorities extend the detention of the journalist Rasha Herzallah for five days*

June 6, 2024

Ramallah- The military court of the occupation in Salem extended the detention of the journalist Rasha Herzallah, (39) from Nablus, for five days to file an indictment under the charge of “incitement on social media “, as called by the occupation authorities.

The intelligence service of the occupation summoned the journalist Herzallah, the sister of the martyr Muhammad Herzallah, earlier this week for interrogation in Huwara detention and interrogation center on the charge of incitement. They extended her detention then for 72 hours and she was transferred to Hasharon prison and then to Damoun prison, in which the majority of female detainees are held.

It is worth mentioning that journalist Herzallah is among (80) journalists who were exposed to detention since the beginning of genocide in Gaza, where (49) of them are still detained, including (6) females.

The occupation authorities escalated in journalists detention since the beginning of war, particularly under the administrative detention, which afflicted thousands of citizens ti impose more control and supervision over the journalistic profession, in an attempt to deprive journalists of their rights to freedom of expression and practicing their profession.

Besides the crime of administrative detention, the occupation authorities resorted to detention based on incitement on social media , which have turned from platforms of freedom of expression into a cause for targeting journalists and Palestinians in general.
Indictments filed against journalists on incitement showed that the occupation authorities intended to chase journalists based on their journalistic profession without any legal justification.
Journalists detained in Israeli prisons face the retaliatory measures imposed on detainees, in addition to torture, humiliation, starvation, medical crimes and degrading detention conditions.

*Issued by the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs and the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club*