*Megiddo prison’s administration assassinates the childhood of minor detainees*

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*Megiddo prison’s administration assassinates the childhood of minor detainees*

June 1, 2024

The Commission’s attorney was able to visit several minor detainees held in Megiddo prison, who are resisting the attempt of assassinating their childhood with their young ages and thin bodies, as they are subjected to retaliatory punitive measures based on intense beat, torture and abuse on a daily basis by the prison’s administration.

Minor detainees gave a detailed account to the commission’s attorney on their complicated situations, saying: “we are detained in section (3), which is designated for minors. There are (120) children, the majority of them are school students, including (18) children from Gaza. We suffer from the overcrowding in rooms, as (9-14) children are held in the same room.
We suffer from the spread of scabies, due to depriving us of bathing, confiscating our clothes and preventing us from possessing shampoos, soaps and sanitizers. The infection increases day by day, and we are deprived of medications, treatments and going to the clinic, noting that some cases have reached an advanced stage and there is a real threat to our lives “.

Children added: “ the symptoms of disease appear on our bodies in an irritating way, both physically and psychologically. The vast majority of us cannot sleep due to pain, strong itching and the spread of wounds and ulcers. The disease is getting worse with the high temperature, where any child who requests treatment is exposed to beat and insult. Guards enter sections and rooms to count or attack children, while wearing gloves and masks”.
The commission’s attorney emphasized that children from Gaza are detained in two separate rooms, and prevented from communicating other children. The majority of them suffer from injuries in different parts of their bodies resulted from beat and torture during arrest. It is worth mentioning that they were (34) two months ago, and those who turned 18 have been transferred to other prisons, only (18) of them remained in Megiddo prison.

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs expressed its deep concern for the lives of minor detainees, and called on the local and international committees and institutions concerned in childhood protection to take actual measures to stop these crimes and put an end to prison’s administration ill-treatment.