*Systematic crime of medical neglect against both detainees Hammad and Sajadeya*

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*Systematic crime of medical neglect against both detainees Hammad and Sajadeya*

May 29, 2024

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs revealed, based on its attorney’s visit, two cases of sick detainees held in the Israeli prisons, where they are detained in extremely serious health conditions, in addition to medical violations deliberately practiced against them, leading to the deterioration in their health conditions.

The commission pointed out that detainee Hassan Hammad suffers from heart muscle weakness, as it functions at 30% and aided by an external battery to improve its performance. He used to take special medications for heart problems before his detention but the prison’s clinic does not provide him with these medication under the pretext that his medicine is not available.

Regarding to his detention conditions, the commission stated that he was exposed to intense beat during arrest process which caused injuries and bruises,however, no treatment was provided.

As for the health condition of detainee Ashraf Sajadeya, he suffers from hypertension, in addition to injuries in his legs caused by brutal attack that he was subjected to in Negev prison, as prison’s guards attacked him with batons all over his body, causing additional wounds in the head and legs, hearing loss in the left ear, nerve problems and teeth grinding.

In a related context, detainees described the situation in prisons as awful, where they are deprived of personal items such as clothes. The provided food is poor in quality and quantity, and all electrical appliances have been withdrawn.
The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs held the IPS fully responsible for detainees’ lives, and called on international institutions and human rights organizations to fulfill their commitments towards the cause of detainees, especially sick ones.