*Detainee Wafa Jarrar undergoes a surgery in Affula Hospital to amputate a large part of her legs*

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*Detainee Wafa Jarrar undergoes a surgery in Affula Hospital to amputate a large part of her legs*

*The occupation government exacerbates the crime and sentences her to administrative detention*

May 27, 2024

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs and the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club stated that detainee Wafa Zuhdi Jarrar, (49 years old), is undergoing a surgery to amputate large parts of her legs, due to the injury she had following her arrest by the occupation forces on May 21.

While Jarrar is encountering serious health condition, as she is still under the effect of sedation and uses respirator since transferring her to the hospital, the Israeli occupation authorities exacerbated their crime and sentenced her to 4 months of administrative detention, in the light of the continuous escalation of administrative detention crime, which afflicted thousands of our people.
The commission and the prisoner’s club confirmed that the occupation authorities delayed providing her attorney and family with a detailed report on her case, which increases doubts over the occupation’s narrative on the causes of her injury.
Jarrar was detained on May 21, following the break into her house in Jenin during the last military operation carried out by the Israeli army in Jenin and its camps. The detention process was accompanied by stealing gold and money from her house, in addition to intimidation, threats and vandalism to house’s belongings.
It is noteworthy that Jarrar is the wife of detainee Abduljabbar Jarrar, 58, from Jenin, detained since February 2024, and this is her first detention.
By transferring detainee Jarrar to administrative detention, the number of female detainees sentenced to administrative detention in Israeli prisons rises to 26, among 80 other female detainees.
The Commission and the prisoner’s club call on international human rights organizations to fulfill its commitments in the light of the genocide ongoing for about 8 months in Gaza with support of international powers. They alao called the terrible state of inaction towards the crimes of occupation with its unprecedented intensity since the beginning of onslaught, including the systematic crimes committed against detainees in Israeli prisons, notably torture and starvation.
There are currently more than (9300) detainees held in Israeli prisons until May 2024, including more than (3400) administrative detainees.