*Fares calls on the world to witness the Israeli crime apparent on the body of detainee Abdulbaset Ma’tan*

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*Fares calls on the world to witness the Israeli crime apparent on the body of detainee Abdulbaset Ma’tan*

May 21, 2024

The head of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs, Qaddura fares, called on the international system in all its popular, non-governmental and official formations to witness the extent of the Israeli crime committed against patient detainees, through examining the case of liberated detainee Abdulbaset Ma’tan, who suffers from cancer. He was liberated yesterday from the Israeli prisons in difficult situation after serving two years under the administrative detention.

Fares said: “this silent world must look properly at both pictures of the sick detainee Ma’tan and how he looked like when he was released yesterday and examine his body, which disease, torture and beat had impaired. The world should listen carefully to what was imposed on him in terms of inhumane and unethical treatment that made him a victim to cancer, as the administration of prisons provided a fertile ground for the cancer to spread in this patient and resistant body”.

Fares added: “Abdulbaset has miraculously survived after he was exposed to medical ignorance and slow death as the administration of prison deprived him of medication and publicly ignored his case. They wanted to end his struggle inside the prison under the pretext of his sickness, but his clinging to life with determination, patience and resilience made him most powerful than his wardens and malignant disease, as well as starvation that melted his flesh “.

Fares called on international and domestic humanitarian organizations working in Palestine to form a committee to visit the liberated detainee Ma’tan, to become aware of all details of detention and treatment he was subjected to and imposed on him, and to document the crime of detention and medical ignorance against him in order to submit it to the UN bodies and human rights organizations, which might be a motivation to take responsibility toward detainees in Israeli prisons, whom the occupation denies their humanity and rights to ordinary life.

Fares pointed out that his demand stems from his disappointment of the entire international entities that accepted inaction and ignorance to which detainees are subjected to, represented in the awful onslaught since October 7 until today. Furthermore, they abandoned them to be victims of the fascism and barbarism of the occupation system, which breached all international agreements, conventions and norms in dealing with detainees, including hatred, racism and revenge.

Fares emphasized that what detainee Ma’tan was exposed to in terms of deprivation of his right to treatment, applies to more than two hundred detainees who suffer from chronic illnesses and in need of immediate medical intervention.

It is worth noting that the detainee Ma’tan, 50, from Burqa/ east of Ramallah, spent almost 10 years in Israeli prisons, the majority of his sentence was under the administrative detention, and he is considered one of the most difficult and serious cases among detainees, as he suffers from colon cancer and underwent many surgeries before his detention. He was having a treatment program but it was suspended due to detention.