*The administration of Remon Prison ignores following up on patient detainees*

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*The administration of Remon Prison ignores following up on patient detainees*

May 18, 2024

The members of the Legal Affairs Unit at the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs were able to visit the leader detainee Muhammad Tous in Remon prison, in addition to both detainees Murad Abu Alrub and Taher Saleh, who talked about their suffering and the plight of all detainees in the prison, especially patient detainees, whom the the administration of prison ignores their diseases and health conditions, practicing systematic crime against them by leaving them to be victims of illnesses and depriving them of medication.

The leader detainee Muhammad Tous, who is detained since 1985 and sentenced to life imprisonment, talked about the general situation in the prison and described it as bad as it possibly could, that he hasn’t witnessed since his detention forty years ago, as all types of penalties are imposed on them, afflicting the smallest details of their daily routine.
Regarding his health condition, the legal team confirmed that his poor vision increased, as he had retinal problems two years ago and he was receiving medical treatment, but the prison’s administration suspended his treatment since the outbreak of the war, which led to a deterioration in his vision and he sees only at close range.

Detainee Murad Abu Alrub, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, emphasized that even the patient detainees with complicated health conditions were subjected to cruel penalties and get affected by racism, extremism and hatred. He pointed out that he exists in a room in which four detainees are using respirator devices: Khalil Baraqaa, Assaf Zahran, Assad Zourob and Samer Hashash. He also talked about the spread of skin diseases among detainees due to the deprivation of sanitizers and cleaning supplies, in addition to the lack of clothes and covers.
Regarding his health condition, he was supposed to have a surgery in his nose, as he had fractures during his arrest, but he has been deprived of it because of the escalated procedures after the war.

Detainee Taher Saleh, who is sentenced to administrative detention since 4 years, talked about his serious health condition, as he felt unwell before two months and had severe headache and pain in the chest and lost consciousness, which led to a paralysis in the left side of his body. He got unable to move the jaw, arm and leg. He is also unable to walk or use the toilet, and currently he uses a wheelchair and gets assisted by detainees. He has memory problems and cognitive issues, and recently he was able to move his jaw after receiving nerve medication. Despite his serious health condition, he has not been transferred to hospital, noting that he was informed by the doctor of the prison’s clinic that he needed electrical stimulation to revive his nervous systems.

The commission warns of the escalation in the medical crimes which threaten the lives of hundreds of patient detainees, as the situation requires immediate international intervention. The commission stated that pursuing depriving patient detainees of medication and treatment put their lives in danger, especially that jailers lack the minimum fundamentals of humanity and take advantage of the outside incidents to increase aches, pains and diseases among detainees.