Police officers of Ofer prison deal with detainees without regulations

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Police officers of Ofer prison deal with detainees without regulations

May 18, 2024

The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs stated that detainees in Ofer prison suffer from the guards’ mood swings , as torture and targeting are carried out without any regulations, and each police officer can attack detainees and impose penalties against them without any justification.

The advocate of the commission was able to visit detainees Ahmad Thawabta, Majd Hajjaj, Zeyad Taha, Alaa Jouda and Wisam Ali, where all of them confirmed that the prison’s administration is still dealing with them in a retaliatory manner. Thus, penalties, attacks, insults, deprivation, starvation and denial of the Palestinian humanity are still the same, so we are captives to the emotional instability of the guards.

The commission emphasized that the guards that have been summoned after the seventh of October have more brutality towards detainees, as they intend to harm them. They are gangs of teenagers, and that’s what detainees, who were liberated over the past weeks and months, have agreed upon.

The commission’s advocate conveyed the suffering of detainee Thawabta, as he has herniated disc that puts pressure on the nerves of his legs and cause severe pain, where he has not received any medication. Regarding detainee Taha, he was exposed to intense beat during arrest, causing fractures in the chest. He had a surgery in his leg before his detention and needs post- treatment care. However, the administration of prison ignored his case and he still has severe pains, and suffers from tooth loss due intense beat took place during his arrest. He was left untreated.

The administration of Ofer prison intended to determine the way of treating detainees on a daily basis, so that there is no indications of stability and detainees will remain anxious and worried, as attacks and incursions took place in different times, and there are obvious targets to affect their psychology and undermine their self esteem and dignity through cursing them using profanity.