*Fares: “The state of occupation uses its educational and social institutions to abuse Palestinian detainees”*

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*Fares: “The state of occupation uses its educational and social institutions to abuse Palestinian detainees”*

May 13, 2024

The head of the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs, Qaddura Fares, expressed his revulsion at the meanness and decadence apparent in the practices and tendencies of the Israeli government and its system, which constitutes a serious threat to the international community and its humanitarian and social components, not only through the crime committed against Palestinians, but also by the attitude and thoughts based on racism, hatred and retaliation.
This is conducted by sharing roles between the military and political devices in all Palestinian areas on one hand, and the Israeli Mossad on another hand, which carried out executions on international and regional levels, pursues and threatens the people who support the Palestinian cause, focusing on the international solidarity in universities worldwide with the Palestinian cause.

Fares said: “We live in a state of anxiety and tension for our detainees, and we have fears of what they are exposed to inside Israeli prisons and detention centers, especially since October 7 until today, as the extent of crime established an unprecedented stage in the history of the Palestinian Captive Movement, and what is committed against them nowadays has not been practiced in any prison or detention center worldwide. The occupation was not content with this organized criminality, but uses its educational and social institutions to torture detainees through official courts’ resolutions “.

He added: “In many cases, the Israeli courts added another penalty to the sentence, represented in forcing male and female detainees to work in social and educational institutions, such as hospice and schools for persons with disabilities and special needs, where the nature of their job is usually in cleaning and services, which causes psychological impacts to them. This is the main goal for this tendency, to force the Palestinian struggler to work in these jobs which have more serious consequences than actual detention “.

Fares emphasized that this approach of penalties is mostly practiced against detainees from Jerusalem, within a program specified by hours and achievements signed with obligations of high fines, where the supervisors intended to provoke and blackmail detainees who are forced to do these jobs.

Fares stressed on the necessity of suspending this danger that threatens the humanitarian values, where it is unacceptable to keep the atrocities of the occupation without any intervention to end this fascist regime. He called on the international community to take immediate measures to set this entity accountable for all its practices and behaviors.