*Vindictive practices and cruel detention conditions experienced by female detainees in Damoun Prison*

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*Commission of Detainees’ Affairs:*

*Vindictive practices and cruel detention conditions experienced by female detainees in Damoun Prison*

May 13, 2024

The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs stated in a report issued today that female detainees held in Damoun Prison are living in a state of isolation, in the light of the daily suffering imposed on them, as the IPS practices all forms of abuse and torture against them.

The Commission revealed, according to its lawyer’s visit to Damoun Prison, a series of cruel measures, details of daily suffering and complicated living conditions, represented in separation from the outside world due to confiscating TVs and radios. Moreover, there is a shortage in females’ requirements and other necessities in order to cause psychological distress and affect their national and humanitarian status.

The report showed many aspects of the unlimited procedures pursued by the IPS against them, represented in depriving them of writing anything, as they do not provide papers and pens in prison’s sections. Furthermore, the duration of going to the prison’s courtyard is 40-60 minutes at its finest.
In a related context, the commission documented a cruel detention experience for detainee (H.S), who has been arrested after invading her house and causing a state of tension among her family members and children. They handcuffed and blindfolded her and moved her to interrogation center, where she was exposed to the most cruel curses, insults and severe beating. She remained there for two hours in a dirty stinky cell, then she was transferred to Damoun prison and exposed to additional hour of investigation before being brought to the section.

The Commission pointed out that the general situation of all detainees is extremely dangerous and worrying, and called on international organizations to save detainees’ lives and not leaving them as victims to these vindictive procedures, which increase day by day.

*Note: The Commission avoids sharing names of female detainees who have been visited to ensure not being punished.*