Insults and retaliation against Palestinian women detainees in Damoun prison

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Insults and retaliation against Palestinian women detainees in Damoun prison

May 9, 2024

The advocate of the commission was able to visit Damoun prison and met with a number of women detainees held there, who expressed the extent of daily suffering imposed on them, offenses, violation of their privacy and torture practiced against them.

The Commission emphasized that Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons are living in a state of isolation, as jailers intended to take revenge. They are cursed and insulted constantly and separated from the world outside due to confiscating TVs, radios and newspapers. There are constant attempts to affect their mental health and break down their national and humane content.

The Commission pointed out that sanctions imposed against detainees since October 7 have afflicted women detainees, where all electrical devices have been confiscated, poor quality and quantity of food is served, deprivation of family visits, lack of clothes, covers and feminine essentials. Furthermore, the IPS intended to pollute the water and determine the hours of bathing and the break in the prison’s courtyard.

The Commission confirmed that the IPS practiced brutal measures represented in intense beat, torture, handcuff and blindfold during interrogation or on they way to clinic, advocate visit and transfer. Moreover, they are subjected to strip search, threats of rape, hair pulling, dragging on the ground , besides being filmed in difficult and traumatic conditions.

The commission indicated that the general situation of women detainees is worrying and disturbing, and we call on International and Arabic feminine organizations to do justice to the Palestinian women especially detainees, and not leaving them as victims of the organized Israeli criminality, which is increasing day by day in the light of the dishonorable international silence, noting that the number of Palestinian women held in Damoun prison stands at (81) .