Sick detainees in Ramla prison between medical crimes and the mercy of heaven May 4, 2024

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Sick detainees in Ramla prison between medical crimes and the mercy of heaven

May 4, 2024

It’s the exact description of sick detainees held at the so-called Ramla prison’s clinic, in which medical crimes, humiliation, torture and violations are committed. They only have to wait for the heaven’s mercy, and they will either survive with the help of fate or they will be included in list of occupation’s victims.

The advocate of the Commission, who visited the prison the day before yesterday, stated that sanctions imposed against detainees in general are also applied against sick detainees with some inhumane and unethical practices, as jailers take advantage of detainees’ diseases and injuries to place them in a complicated and hazardous environment, in which the is a real threat to their lives.

The commission emphasized “all occupational measures were imposed on them by the IPS after October 7, represented in handcuffing and blindfolding detainees on their way to meet the advocate and on their way back, without taking into consideration their health conditions, which forced detainees to take a decision not to meet the advocate or receive medical treatment.

Moreover, the IPS made a decision to halt the physiotherapy for wounded detainees and prevented the special food served for sick detainees who have diseases in stomach and the digestive system.
Furthermore, the IPS prevented detainees from using the pay phone, which was used to communicate with their families, and the rooms of sick detainees were turned into cells, which lack the minimum essentials of medical care”.

The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs revealed that the vast majority of sick detainees held at Ramla prison’s clinic are from Gaza Strip, who were arrested, shot and tortured by the Israeli soldiers.