Detainees' institutions: The occupation authorities arrested 7000 Palestinians in 2022

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Detainees' institutions: The occupation authorities arrested 7000 Palestinians in 2022

( The Commission of Detainees' Affairs, The Palestinian Society Prisoner's Club, Addameer Association for Human Rights, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center) pointed out, in the joint annual report, that 2022 was the bloodiest year full of crimes and violations.

The report showed that there are a lot of changes across arrest campaigns implemented by the Israeli forces, which were basically connected to the escalation of struggle against the occupation.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested (7000) Palestinian people, including Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, where this was the highest rate of arrests in comparison with last year, especially in the West Bank. Last year, arrest cases in the West Bank and Jerusalem were (6000) cases, including (2000) arrests in the lands occupied in 1984.

(882) minors have been detained in 2022, in addition to (172) women and (2409) administrative detention orders. There are (40) injured persons who got arrested in 2022,including children.

Arrests increased on April 2022, with (1228) cases, and May and October 2022 with (690) cases. With regard to the number of arrests in Palestinian cities, Jerusalem had the highest number with (3000) cases, and (106) cases in Gaza Strip, including (64) Fishermen.

(600) orders of house custody have been issued, the majority of them are from Jerusalem. There are currently ( 4700) detainees in Israeli prisons, distributed to (23) prisons and detention centres, including (29) women in Damoun prison, (150) minors and (850) administrative detainees, including (7) minors and (2) women.

Moreover, there are (330) detainees who spent more than 20 years in prison, (25) of them are imprisoned before the Oslo Accord, such as the detainees Kareem Younis and Maher Younis, who were imprisoned since 1983. Furthermore, there are (552) detainees who are sentenced to life imprisonment, the highest of which goes for the detainee Abdullah Barghouthi, with (67) life sentences.

With regard to the martyrs of the Captive Movement, the number has increased to (233) martyrs by 2022, the last of whom was the detainee Naser Abu Hmaid. In terms of withholding remains, the martyrs who's remains are withheld risen to 11.

Regarding the sick detainees, there are more than (600) detainees who suffer from different diseases, including (24) detainees who have cancer. As for solitary confinement, (70) detainees got isolated throughout this year, and (40) of them are still isolated.

Moreover, there are (5) members of the Legislative Council imprisoned in Israeli prisons, (2) of them are under the administrative detention, and (15) journalists, including (5) under the administrative detention.