The law of execution of Palestinian detainees

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The Israeli occupation authorities have started to draft legislations and laws of racist and fascist nature

, especially in the last two years to further oppress the Palestinian people. It has placed its local laws and military legislations above the international law. It did not care to adapt its domestic legislations in accordance with the provisions and rules of international law.

Such laws and procedures include the law of force-feeding of detainees who are on hunger strike, the law of increasing the sentence for children who throw stones, the law of exempting the intelligence from documenting investigations, and the application of the Israeli criminal law in the occupied territories in the favor of settlers.

Israel also seeks to establish a culture of impunity for all Israelis, which leads them to continue their extraordinary racist behaviors, their gross violations and their crimes against Palestinians.

The Israeli government and the Israeli Knesset (January,3 2018 session) approved in the first reading a law that allows for the execution of detainees. Since this draft bill is directed only at the Palestinians, it gives a clear indication of the racist and fascist nature of the Israeli political environment.

Israel is adopting a policy of extrajudicial executions of Palestinians, which has increased during the past two years, and supported by Israeli judiciary and politicians. Those who practice killings are not seriously investigated, but in fact, they are confronted by nominal committees that acquit the offender and condemn the victim. Moreover, they hold trial sessions in which they sentence Israeli soldiers who committed killings to a few months of imprisonment. A case in point is the soldier Azaria who killed Abdul Fattah Alsharif.

This law is a legitimization of murder, assassinations and field executions, and confirms that Israel is an apartheid state controlled by racists. This law also violates the obligations of Israel under article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which establishes a condition for implementing the execution, such as the conditions of fair trial, and adopting the death penalty unanimously by the judiciary not by majority.

This law comes in the context of the Israeli attack against Palestinian detainees, the attempts of depriving them their legal position as freedom fighters based on the UN resolutions and international law and the attempts to describe them as terrorists and criminals.