Palestinian detainees… and the Israeli systematic suppression

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  The Israeli occupation authorities and their suppression forces continue arresting Palestinian citizens in every time and place.

The number of arrests exceeds one million Palestinians since 1948 until October 2017, including 15.000 female and tens of thousands of children.

 Since the beginning of the Aqsa uprising in September 2000, 90.000 arrest cases were recorded, including 10.000 minors under the age of eighteen, 12.000 Palestinian women, more than 70 deputies in the Legislative Council and 25.000 administrative detention sentences.

 The Palestinian and Arab detainees cause is considered one of the most important legal, political and humanitarian issues, where the Israeli occupation authorities still holding near (6400) Palestinian detainees in prisons. They are exposed to individual and collective punishments, assaults and denial of the basic rights under a punitive tendency and political incitement by the extremist ministers of the Israeli Government.

 Statistics of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs indicate that those arrests were not limited to a specific category, but extended to all categories of the Palestinian society, including children, elders, females, patients, disabled people, academics, and deputies in the Legislative Council, students, artists and teachers.

 As reported by the commission, arrest cases are conducted in a way contrary to the rules of the International Law, in terms of the method of detention, the place of detention and torture. However, testimonies of detainees indicate that 98% who undergone the experience of detention were exposed to physical or psychological torture, moral harm and insult.