*Torture “parties” sessions on Saturdays and Wednesdays against detainees held in Itzion Detention Center*

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*Torture “parties” sessions on Saturdays and Wednesdays against detainees held in Itzion Detention Center*

May 26, 2024

The attorney of the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs confirmed, after visiting Itzion Detention Center, in which 115 detainees from different places in the West Bank are held, that the situation is getting worse and more complicated day by day. Soldiers broke into two rooms following a protest by detainees on the provided food, which was full of sand and filth, as it fell down on the ground. Soldiers beat detainees intensively when they refused to eat the meal.

Moreover, soldiers intended to invade the rooms of detainees on Saturdays and Wednesdays as sessions of torture, amid insults and screams, in addition to stripping them of their clothes under the pretext of inspection.

According to detainees’ testimonies, many of them had fainted more than once, due to malnutrition and lack of water. Detainees drink from water tap which is hot and full of impurities and eat cold stinky meals, which led to the spread of digestive system diseases and immune deficiency, besides weight loss.

The attorney of the Commission conveyed the details of the serious health condition of detainee Mutasem Arman from Ein Yabroud/ Ramallah. He was detained in 24/10/2023 for 6 months under the administrative detention, where he was arrested again after 12 days of his release and sentenced to 6 months of administrative detention. He is sick and did not complete his treatment when he got released.
He was subjected to torture during his first detention, as the soldier blindfolded and handcuffed him, and then he put something inside the detainee’s ear which reached to his brain and caused severe pain. Moreover, he was beaten on the chest and he is supposed to have a CT scan to the brain and chest, but he got arrested.
Furthermore, Arman suffers from liver problems and severe headache which leads to fainting. They gave him painkillers without knowing the details of his case.

In a different context, and according to the attorney’s visit to Megiddo prison, it has been observed that Scabies spreads among detainees due to the absence of minimum personal hygiene basics, such as soap and shampoo, in addition to the lack of clothes.