• The detainee Abu Hmeed suffers from a critical health condition

    The detainee Abu Hmeed suffers from a critical health condition

  • The detainee Ja'abaas has been breathing through her mouth for 7 years and the occupation is still punishing her by neglecting her health conditions.

    The detainee Ja'abaas has been breathing through her mouth for 7 years and the occupation is still punishing her by neglecting her health conditions.

  • The number of striker detainees increases to three

    The number of striker detainees increases to three

  • Torture testimonies for minors during their arrest

    Torture testimonies for minors during their arrest

  •  The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021

    The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021

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The detainee Abu Hmeed suffers from a critical health condition

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The commission of detainees’ affairs revealed in its reports on Tuesday, that

The latest developments on the health condition of the Nasser Abu Hmeed (49) years old, who suffers from cancer, as where the prison service and prison's clinic is purposely delaying transferring the sick detainee to get his chemotherapy (12) session as his health condition is getting worse each day.

 It is worth the mention that the detainee Abu Hmeed had a surgery where the doctors removed cancer tumor in his lungs last October, where 10 cm of the tumor were removed, and then he was transferred to Ashkelon prison before getting full recovery from the surgery. He still suffers from pains at the place of the surgery, meanwhile the prison service satisfied in giving him some pain killers which doesn’t work.

The detainee stated, through the commission’s lawyer, that “he refused to be transferred to Ramla prison’s clinic (Almarash) to get checkups, due to the difficult and inhumane conditions. He asked to have checkups in Berzalai hospital where it's closer to him.

It is worthy to mention that the detainee Nasser Abu Hmeed from Amary camp, Ramallah, is detained since 2002 and sentenced to7 life sentences and 50 years, where he is 1 of 5 brothers who are sentenced to life imprisonments. Their house was demolished couple of times by the Israeli forces, and their mother was deprived of visiting them for many years.


Torture testimonies for minors during their arrest

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قامت هيئة شؤون الاسرى والمحررين بتوثيق شهادات اعتقال لاطفال تعرضوا للضرب المبرح من قبل شرطة الاحتلال اثناء اعتقالهم، ومنهم الطفل محمد علاء عصمت عبيد(15 عاما )/ العيسوية قضاء القدس والذي تعرض لحظة اعتقالة الساعة الواحدة والنصف ظهرا للضرب من قبل رجال الشرطه الاسرائيلية وقيدوه بقيود بلاستيكية محكمة، ليقتادوه بعد ذلك الى منطقة حائط البراق لمدة اربع ساعات متواصلة ومن هناك نقل الى شرطة القشلة، ومن ثم الى سجن المسكوبية وبقي13 يوم وبعد ذلك نقل الى سجن الدامون حيث يقبع هناك .
اما عن حال الاسير الطفل منتصر عيد سبته (18عاما) من بلدة العيسوية قضاء القدس أعتقل من ساحات المسجد الاقصى الساعه الواحدة والنصف ظهرا بعدما تعرض لهجوم وحشي من قبل رجال الشرطة الاسرائيلية ليقتادوه بعد ذلك الى شرطة القشلة، ليحققو معه وهو مكبل اليدين والارجل بقيود بلاستيكية وأنهالوا عليه بالضرب التعسفي وعلى اثر ذلك اصيب بالرضوض والكدمات .
وفي سياق متصل يذكر أن هناك في قسم 4 / الدامون 38 اسيراً ( 35 اسيرا شبل و3 بالغين ).


The Commission of Detainees' Affairs submits a plea to the Israeli Supreme court to release the detainee Fasfous

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The Commission submitted a plea today through its legal staff to the so-called "Israeli Supreme Court" to appeal the decision of administrative detention order issued against the stiker detainee Kayed Fasfous, from Dura/Hebron, who suffers from critical health condition.
The Commission stated that this plea came after issuing the second sentence of freezing the administrative detention of Fasfous, who has been on huger strike since 121 days at Barzulai Hospital in bad conditions.


The detainee Ja'abaas has been breathing through her mouth for 7 years and the occupation is still punishing her by neglecting her health conditions.

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the commission of detainees’ affairs stated on Sunday, that the injured detainee Israa Riad Ja'abaas (37) years old, from south of occupied Jerusalem, as she entered her 7th year in prison, where she still experience the policy of medical neglect.

The commission also stated that the detainee Ja'abees, who was detained on 11/10/2015 while driving on the road next to (za’aym) as she was accused   with false charges by the occupation authority that she was trying to run over Israelis with her car.

Jebaas’s car got on fire while she’s was in it, where she suffered severe burn all over her body. As a result, she now can only breathe through her mouth, also her fingers were melted and she has several burn marks all over her body.

It was pointed out that the detainee Ja'abees sentenced to 11 years in prison, where she is detained in Damon prison, where she is in urgent need to undergo several surgeries, but that prison service is deliberately procrastinate in providing her with the appropriate medical care.

In the same context, the commission pointed out that the detainee Fayrouz Al Baw (23) years old from A’zarya, is suffering from a leg injury after shooting her by the Israeli soldiers, while arresting her 4 months ago.

 She underwent two surgeries in her leg, and she got interrogated without taking into consideration her difficult health condition.

She got transferred to Ramlah prison, where she was isolated in a dirty cell, and then she has been transferred to Sharon detention center, and then to Damoun prison.    





The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021

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The Israeli Authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021

Ramallah: The Israeli authorities arrested (467) Palestinians on October 2021 including (135) minors and (10) women.

Detainees' institutions and human rights organizations (the Commission of Detainees and Ex-detainees' Affairs, the Palestinian Society Prisoner's Club, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights and Wadi Hilweh Information Center) issued a report and pointed out that the number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is nearly (4650) detainees, including (34) women, (160) children and (500) administrative detainees.

The report shows all policies and procedures that were carried out by the Israeli authorities against Palestinian detainees, in addition to situation and conditions of detainees in Israeli prisons, and the fierce attacks against the institutions of civil society by labeling them as terrorist organizations.

The occupation's policies and measures

The report reviews part of the occupation's policies and violations that accompany the daily arrests in terms of the condition of detention and the violations related to courts guarantees, which breaches the rights of detained guaranteed by the international humanitarian law.

The policy of administrative detention

(106) administrative detention orders have been issued on October 2021, including (49) new orders and (57) renewals, where the Israeli authorities resort to this policy as a method to reveal the charge of detainee, aiming at undermining the detainees' demands and protests related to the fateful rights of the Palestinian people.

In 2015, the Israeli Supreme Court legitimized the order of "freezing" the sentence of administrative detention against detainees on hunger strike. However, specialized organizations considered this decision as a tool to reinforce the policy of administrative detention. This decision does not cancel the administrative detention order. Rather, it represents abdicating the responsibility of the prisons' administration and the Israeli Intelligence on the fate of the detainee, and turning him into an unofficial “detainee” in the hospital, and he remains under the guardianship of the “security” of the hospital instead of the jailors.

A change took place in dealing with this order during October, through what happened when the prosecution refused to freeze the administrative detention of the detainee Alaa A'raj despite of his critical health condition. This refusal is based on the medical report issued by the Israeli hospital, which did not confirm the possibility of death.

Another case in point is the case of Kayed Fasfous and Miqdad Qawasmeh whose hunger strike exceeded 110 days. This change appeared obviously after activating the administrative detention against Fasfous and Qawasmeh after freezing it.

To the date of publication of this report, six detainees are continuing their hunger strike in a protest against their administrative detention, and all of them are facing critical health conditions. These detainees are; Kayed Fasfous, Miqdad Qawasmeh, Alaa A'raj, Hisham Abu Hawash, Ayyad Hraimi and Luai Ashqar.

Torture and collective punishment during arrests

The occupation authorities use the policy of daily arrests to confront the struggle of Palestinians and to deprive them of their rights and freedom. The range of daily arrests is about (15) cases, accompanied by storming houses and attacks against the detainee and his family.

This is represented in what happened during storming a sit-in in Jerusalem near Alyousifya cemetery, when the occupation forces chased the young men and prevented them from setting in the place. They arrested many young men and released them in few days, but some of them have been charged of throwing stones and obstruct police work.

The majority of detainees were subjected to beat and torture during the process of arrest, such as the 21-year-old detainee Mu'tasem Rajabi, who was going to the supermarket and got arrested there.

Rajabi said that he has been beaten on his face and mouth and lost his consciousness, and then he had a bleeding from his mouth and got his teeth broken. He added "the forces gone after beating me and then we got surprised when the forces came back and arrested me without any reason, and transferred me Qishle police center. I was held from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, and they refused to give me first aid". The police released him under the condition of house arrest for three days.

Besides, other cities in Palestine are subjected to night storming, especially at the city of Jenin, where the six detainees who freed themselves belong to.  

Arrests based on using social media

Arresting Palestinians on the basis of social media posts represents a punitive measure to detain the largest possible number of children, women and youths. A case in point is the 17-year-old Omar Hashlamon from Jerusalem, who has been arrested on the basis of posting on Facebook "I am not sure of being so long in the world, but I hope I've made good memories that last forever". He got summoned after minutes for interrogation, and he got astonished to be interrogated under the suspicion of "planning for terrorist acts". He got prosecuted in the next day and then released.

Detainees' conditions in Israeli prisons

The systematic medical ignorance

The occupation’s systematic method of depriving the detainees of real medical care and the deliberate delay in providing treatment to the sick and injured detainees are among the most important ways and methods of weakening the will and the bodies of detainees.

By monitoring the health status of detainees, it becomes obviuos that the level of health care for them is very poor. Thus, dozens of detainees have been martyred since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the number of patients has increased.

A case in point is the 94-year-old detainee Naser Abu Hmaid from Ramallah.  He suffered from deterioration in his health, particularly from chest and lung pain, and after a long delay, he was subsequently transferred from Ashkelon Prison to Barzulai Hospital in Israel.

It is worthy to mention that the detainee Naser is imprisoned since 2002 and sentenced to life imprisonment and 50 years. He also has four brothers who are sentenced to life imprisonment. Their house got demolished many times and their mother is prevented from visiting them for many years.

Hunger strike to refuse the measures of jailors

The detainees' confrontation of the punitive measures continues since the "freedom tunnel" act, where the strike of the Islamic Jihad detainees, which lasted for 9 days and included (250), constituted an important phase in the confrontation.

Detainees reached an agreement in 21/10/2021 with the administration of prison to fulfill a number of their demands, such as: stopping the fierce attack against detainees, including the Islamic Jihad detainees, canceling the collective punishments imposed on them since the heroic Operation “Freedom Tunnel”, and returning all the isolated detainees, including the leaders of the organizations to the main sections.

Targeting the Palestinian organizations by the occupation authorities

In continuation of undermining the detainees' organizations and Palestinian human rights organizations, the occupation authorities targeted six of Palestinian civil society organizations, labeling them as terrorist organizations. The six organizations are "Addameer Association, the Union of the agricultural work committees, the International Movement of defending the child, Union of Arab Women's Committees and Bisan Research Center", which are leading institutions in defending the rights of Palestinians against the violations of the occupation and exposing its crimes against detainees and children.

It is obvious that this matter will expose thousands of Palestinians, including detainees, to further violations after the occupation deducts their allocations from the clearance funds, and especially that two of these institutions are directly concerned with detainees and children affairs in the occupation prisons.

Despite the efforts of these organizations on the international level to refute this decision, it is a subject of closure and prosecution. The danger of this targeting is not limited to the six organizations only, but it is a step for the occupation to pave the way to target the rest of the Palestinian organizations, especially those concerned with the affairs of political detainees. There is no doubt that these organizations are in dire need for popular support and solidarity, in addition to international support, where the success of the occupation in destroying these organization means that Israel is able to silent the voice of the Palestinian civil society.

In conclusion, the partner organizations confirm that the occupation's practices against the Palestinian people violate the International Humanitarian Law, which bans the acts of collective punishments and revengeful acts against people under occupation.

As article (33) of the Fourth Geneva Convention which applies to the occupied Palestinian territory, gives the Palestinian people, as a people living under occupation, the status of protected persons under the international law, and confirms the Palestinian detainees' rights to be recognized as freedom fighters, in addition to their rights to health care, food and education, and the right to enjoy fair trial guarantees, the right to family visits and respecting their dignity.





The number of striker detainees increases to three

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The commission of detainees’ affairs stated in its report issued on Tuesday that the number of striker detainees got increased to 3,after the detainee Nedal Mazen Balout from hebron ,joined the two striker detainees Hisham Abu Hawash and Loay Alashkar.

The detainee Balout was arrested on 29.10.2021 where he was transferred   to Askelon prison and then to Ofar prison for interrogations.

The Israeli Intelligence convicted Balout with many charges, without any actual evidence, as he was under interrogations for more than 20 hours, daily in his first week of detention. Also he was threatened to be transferred to administrative detention

Protesting against that, the detainee Balout started his hunger strike since his first day of detention, where he has been striking since 28 days.

The detainee Balout mentioned through the commission’s lawyer that he was assaulted and beaten by the occupation soldiers while being arrested where he still suffers from pain and he wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital despite the lawyers' request.

In the same context the two striker detainees Hisham Abu Hawash and Loay Alashkar continues their hunger strike battle refusing their administrative detention, where it marks day (101) for the detainee Abu Hawash and day (46) for the detainee Alashkar.

It is worth to mention that there are almost 60 detainees who went through hunger strike, In a protest against their administrative detention, where we as a commission call on all humanitarian institutions, International organizations and the red cross to do their job towards this fair humanitarian cause and to prevent the slow killing policy that is being practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.







The detainee Fasfous is in critical and dangerous health conditions, where he could lose his life at any time.

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The commission of detainees’ affairs stated that the so-called "Israeli Supreme Court" refused the commission’s request to release the striker detainee Kayed Fasfous who’s going through a critical health condition; where this is the fourth plea of the commission, amid a state of ignorance by the Israeli authorities.

The commission warned of health condition of the detainee Fasfous, who’s on hunger striking since 124 days, where he is held at (Barzulai) hospital, as he gets closer to death every minute.

The commission pointed out that the detainee Fasfous is suffering from arrhythmia, low blood pressure, and pains all over his body.  As a result, this situation puts the detainee Fasfous in a very dangerous health conditions.

(49) Days of hunger strike for the detainee Ayyad Hraimi in bad health conditions

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs stated that the 34-year-old detainee Ayyad Hraimi in on his 49th day of hunger strike, in a protest against his administrative detention.

The advocate of the commission said that Hraimi has been transferred to Ramla prison after he was in the isolation of Ofer, and he's now held at dirty cell full of cockroaches. He hasn’t received any supplements nor underwent any medical checkups.

The commission pointed out that the health condition of the detainee Hraimi is deteriorating, as he suffers from different pains all over his body, and he cannot move or stand, has poor sight and pains in his right leg and the abdomen.

It is worthy to mention that Hraimi is a former detainee, who spent 9 years in prison, and has been rearrested in 6/4/2021 and sentenced to administrative detention for 4 months, and renewed for additional 4 months.

Meanwhile, the detainee Kayed Fasfous is on hunger strike since (119) days, Meqdad Qawasmeh since (112) days, Alaa Araaj since (95) days, Hisham Abu Hawash since (86) days and Luai Ashqar since (31) days.

The commission of detainees' affairs stated that the Israeli authorities must hold full responsibility on the fate of detainees who are on hunger strike and whom health conditions are deteriorating day by day.


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