Torturing Palestinian minors using dogs and solitary confinement

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Israel uses all means of torture against Palestinians, including dogs to attack or harm them, and in many times the Israeli forces take dogs in the Bosta "transportation" to intimidate them. It does not exclude Palestinian children, in a violation of all international conventions including the Anti-Torture Convention and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The Israeli Human Rights Center (Betselem) stressed that urging the Israeli soldiers to use dogs to attack Palestinians is part of the policy adopted in Israel. In some cases documented by Betselem, dogs refused to leave the detainees who are under arrest, and the trainers had to shock them to leave the victim.
The testimony of the minor Mohammad Hammad, 16, from Qalandia camp, who is held in Ofer prison
He was tortured by dogs
In 16/1/2019, the Israeli forces surrounded my house in Qalandia refugee camp, accompanied by huge and terrifying police dogs. When they entered the house and made sure it is me who are they looking for, they let two dogs to attack me and bite me. My family was unable to intervene, where soldiers were holding my family members in another corner of the house threating them with weapons.
Four soldiers attacked me and started to beat me all over my body, and the dogs kept biting me for 15 minutes, which causes many wounds and bruises all over my body.
Then, the soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded me and forced me to walk while I was bleeding.
They took me to to a settlement called "Kochav Ya'akov" located on the lands of Kafr Aqeb, I fell on the ground and they forced me to walk, and I when I was able to walk they dropped me on the ground and cursed me.
When I arrived at the settlement, they transferred me to Atarot Interrogation Center east of Jerusalem without giving me any treatment. During the transfer in a military car, soldiers continued beating and insulting me.
The detective beat me and forced me to confess that I threw stone on soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint, and forced me to sign an affidavit written in Hebrew. Then, they transferred me to Ofer prison, where detainees bandaged my wounds as I was not given any treatment by the Israelis.
 The Euro-Mediterranean Observer for Human Rights considered the use of dogs in detaining unarmed children and civilians is "torture" and "inhuman and degrading treatment" which is criminalized by international law, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the 1984 Convention against Torture. The Center called on the (UNICEF) to act immediately to protect Palestinian children and to practice pressure on the Israeli Government to stop this inhumane policy.
In recent years, Israel practices the policy of solitary confinement against Palestinian children aiming at obtaining confessions and collecting intelligence information about other persons. Israel also practices a policy of isolation as a punitive measure aimed at destabilizing these children and depriving them of their rights by communicating with the outside world, where they are prevented from seeing their lawyers, the Red Cross or their families during the period of isolation.
In accordance with rule 45 of the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, it is prohibited to use solitary confinement against children.
Isolating a minor from Jerusalem at Al-Maskoubya for 15 days
The minor Ahmad Abu Ewais, 17 years
Ahmad was arrested near the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at around 9:00 pm, where there were clashes between soldiers and youths. Two police officers attacked him and pushed him into the car. They handcuffed him and beat him until he arrived at the police station on Salah al-Din Street. They left him without food or drink until 3:00 am, and then they took him to the interrogation room and remained there form 5 hours under beating, insult and threating. Ten, he got transferred to the isolation for 15 days, in a narrow and smelly cell, where he was unable to sit or sleep. He was given a rotten blanket and they intended to turn on the AC for 24 hours. He was sent to the police station to complete the interrogation. The interrogation lasted for many hours, and he was handcuffed to the chair. The interrogation included all kinds of physical and psychological humiliation. Then, he was transferred to Ovik prison in Jerusalem, which is dedicated for Israeli minor prisoners. He remained there for two weeks, where he was treated in a bad way by the Israeli civilian prisoners. After that, he was transferred to Megiddo prison upon the request of the of security detainees in Megiddo prison.
Isolating a minor from Jerusalem at Al-Maskoubya for 17 days
The minor Yousef Khaldon Izzat Salah, 17 years
Yousef was arrested from the downtown in Jerusalem during clashes with the police. He got transferred to Al-Maskoubya and was interrogated for long hours. Then, he was detained for 17 days in a narrow cell at Al-Maskoubya prison. He was subjected to physical and psychological torture during the interrogation, and he was handcuffed and beaten all the time. After the interrogation ended he was transferred to Megiddo prison at section 4 dedicated for minors.
Isolating a minor at Al-Maskoubya for 14 days in addition to 3 days at Ovik prison with Israeli civilians
The detainee Ameer Abdullah Mas'ood, 17, from Jerusalem
Ameer was arrested from his house in 16/8/2018 at 12:00 pm. The Israeli intelligence phoned his family and asked about him. They entered the house and took some of his clothes and arrested him. He was transferred to a police station on Salah Al-Deen Street. There, they inspected him and took him to the interrogation room for two hours. He then was transferred to Al- Maskoubya prison after the interrogation ended. He was held in the solitary confinement at Al-Maskoubya prison for 14 days and. After that, he got transferred to Ovik prison with Israeli civilians for 3 days and then he got moved to a prison for minors. He's currently held in minors' section at Megiddo prison and sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment and a fine of NIS 1500.
In isolating the Palestinian children, Israel violates all international conventions including the 1984 Convention against Torture and the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Solitary confinement is a form of psychological torture, and it is an inhuman and degrading treatment method prohibited under article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
The circumstances in which Palestinian children are held do not fit the health standards set forth in articles 91 and 92 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of civilian persons in armed Conflicts and Occupation.
The former Special Rapporteur of human rights in Palestine, Richard Falk, condemned the solitary confinement of Palestinian children, and described it as a form of cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment against minors, and that Israel violates the international human rights standards.