Persistent suffering for sick detainees in Israeli prisons and deliberate medical ignorance

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs revealed,in a report issued today, the health conditions of many detainees in Naqab prison, after the visitation of the advocate Fadi Obaidat to the prison.

A case in point is the detainee Ahmad Wahdan, 24, from Qalandia refugee camp, who suffers from difficult health conditions due to a car accident before his arrest, which caused a limited disability.

He stopped treatment after his detention which worsened his health condition. Another case in point is the detainee Raed Rayan, 29, from Jerusalem, who suffers from a bacterial infection in the stomach, and nerves problems which creates a state of imbalance. He got the infection after going through a hunger strike, protesting against his administrative detention.

The Last but not least case in point is the detainee Obaidan Samara, 37, from Salfeet who has hearing impairment in the left ear and hypertension which lead to fainting. The administration of prisons refused to conduct the appropriate medical tests for him.