Visiting Nafaha prison by the minister of internal security is part of the extremist fascist program of the Israeli government

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs stated that the visit of the minister of internal security, Ben-Gvir, to Nafaha prison is just a part of the program of their extremist government.

The Commission confirmed that the visit came to market this program, which also incites on executing Palestinian detainees and commit more crimes,besides to physical and psychological abuse against them.

However, the Commission stated that the unity, adherence and power of detainees will surprise Ben-Gvir and his fascist government, where the abusive measures will be confronted inside the prisons with firmness, challenge and patience.

The Commission called on human rights organisations specialised in detainees affairs and Palestinian people, and international organisations to protect the Palestinian detainees and save their rights and lives and work hard in order to release them. In addition, the Commission called to deter Netanyaho and Ben-Gvir to stop their violations against detainees.