Conferees at Ramallah: the occupation authorities did not take any precautionary measures at Ofer prison after discovering a coronavirus case for the released detainee Sarsour

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The Commission of Detainees' Affairs, the Palestinian Society prisoner's Club and the Supreme Commission of following Detainees' Affairs held a press conference in Ramallah, regarding the coronavirus case of the released detainee Nour Aldein Sarsour. The head of the Commission, Qadri Abu Baker, stated that in spite of the confirmation of the Palestinian Health Ministry of Sarsour's case, the Israeli authorities did not take any precautionary or preventive measures to sort detainees who dealt with Nour Aldein, and did not take any sample from those who are held in section 14 at Ofer prison. However, the Israeli authorities issued a denial to the examinations of the Palestinian Health Ministry. Abu Baker added "we communicated the Red Cross and the World Health Organization to hold Israel accountable for the deliberate ignorance in protecting detainees". On his part, the Head of the Palestinian Society prisoner's Club, Qaddura Fares, stated that the administration of occupation prisons is procrastinating and despising the fate of detainees". Despite the protesting of detainees in the same section, the administration deals with the case in carelessness. Fares pointed out that the detainees refused to communicate with the administration, and protested against its denial to take samples from detainees who dealt with the released detainee Sarsour. The Head of the Supreme Commission of following Detainees' Affairs, Amin Shouman, called on the necessity of forming a neutral international committee to examine detainees and make sure of their safety, and called the Red Cross for a more effective role to be played at this stage.