Abu Baker: the United Nations should increase pressure on Israel to release the detainees

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The Head of the Commission of Detainees' Affairs, Qadri Abu Baker, called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres‏, to increase pressure on the occupation authorities to release the Palestinian detainees, to avoid a possible tragedy in prisons in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic. Abu baker stated in a declaration issued today that many countries around the world which are at risk of Coronavirus intended to release a large number of its prisoners to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in prisons. He added "the Israeli government announced its intention to release more than 500 Israeli criminal prisoners to decrease the crowd in prisons, in an attempt to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, while it ignored the Palestinian detainees imprisoned in crowded prisons, including 700 sick detainees, 200 minors and many women and elderly. However, the international community and its organizations are silent in terms of the suffering of the Palestinian detainees after the spread of coronavirus cases in Israel including soldiers and detectives. Abu Baker clarified that the United Nations know very well that the Israeli prisons where Palestinian detainees are held are the most crowded prisons in the world, and lack the minimum requirements of health and safety. He also stated "we call on the organizations that describe themselves of being protective of human rights, especially the United Nations, to release the Palestinian detainees imprisoned in Israeli jails, especially sick detainees and elderly who spent more than ten years in prison, to avoid a real humanitarian tragedy against them.