Qaraqe' informed a delegation from the UNICEF about the situation of children detainees


The head of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, Issa Qaraqe', has informed a delegation from the UNICEF about the situation of children detainees on Sunday. He explained the difficult situations in which the Palestinian children are detained inside the Israeli jails, and said that they are subjected to harassment and degrading treatment during the interrogation sessions and trails.

Qaraqe' explained further to the delegation constituted of the special representative of the UNICEF June Kunugi, Matthew Dalling the chief of child protection in the organization, and Cathrine Cocco the specialist of child protection, in the presence of Akram Alayasa the general director of international relation in the commission. He stated that there are 7000 Palestinian detainees inside the Israeli jails including more than 450 minors under the age of sixteen, and the 90% of children were subjected to torture and humiliation. Moreover, the occupation courts accepted their confessions which were snatched form them under pressure. Qaraqe' also indicates that these actions are deemed as flagrant violation of the international law.

Qaraqe' calls for the protection of Palestinian children and compelling Israel to respect the child's rights convention and the fundamental rights of children in accordance with the international humanitarian law.

He also showed many examples for children who were beaten and tortured during their detention and interrogation, pointing to the need for local, legal and international cooperation for the liberation of minor children, as well as the cooperation in the field of rehabilitation and reintegration in society.

The delegation denounced what is happening to the rights of Palestinian children in Israeli jails, especially what has happened over the past few months. Moreover, they demanded the application of legal and humanitarian protection for children, and demanded to conduct international campaign for the protection of Palestinian children. They also stressed on the need for holding Israel responsible for its actions. In addition, they stated that they are going to submit a special report on this issue to the general secretariat of the United Nations.