Ending the isolation of the detainee Mohammad Abu Rabe'a, and the detainee Nahar Al-Saadi starts his hunger strike

The lawyer of the commission of detainees, Hiba Masalha stated that the prison authorities ended the isolation of the detainee Mohammad Ibrahim Nemr Abu Rabe'a. He is a resident at the city of Tulkarem, and sentenced for 14 life sentences and 55 years. The isolation was imposed on him since 21/10/2015 without any legal reasons.

He said that they made a tarp for him when he was informed about the visit of his brother at Majeddo prison, and he was surprised by the decision of his isolation. The Israeli intelligence accused him of incitement against Israel.

Abu Rabe'a calls to save the lives of isolated prisoners. He explained that the isolated detainees in Majeddo prison -9 detainees- are suffering from the cold weather inside the cells, and the provocative searches especially in the morning.

The report states that the isolated detainee Nahar Al-Sadi, is solitary isolation at Remon prison, is going through a hunger strike to rebel against his isolation and preventing family visits.

The detainee Nahar AL-Sadi is 33 years old, from the city of Jenin. He is sentenced for 4 life sentences and 20 years, and he has been isolated since three years.