Message by Minister Issa Qaraqe

Head of Commission of Detainees & Ex- Detainees Affairs “CDA”

This is a message to all who may be reading or listening to our words or watching our actions. We announce and let it be known that the issue of Palestinian detainees is that of all humanity, collectively and individually. This is every human’s personal struggle for his or her very humanity. This is a struggle for your freedom, wherever you may be. We call you to vanquish oppression and break chains, for humans are born free and created equal.


Thousands of Palestinians are behind bars in Israeli occupation prisons, some have been there for more than 30 years. Israel violates international humanitarian law and commits war crimes daily against Palestinian detainees. Israel attempts ceaselessly to crush their undying sprits and identity. All we, who call for justice and equality, must do is raise our voice in their support. It is our duty to call for justice to be served for those who have spent the spring of their lives struggling for Jerusalem and Palestine and their freedom.


A stand for Palestinian detainees is a stand for freedom everywhere. A stand for Palestinian detainees is a stand for ending the last remaining occupation in the world. A stand for Palestinian detainees is a stand for their culture, values, ethics, and for their indomitable sprite of justice and peace. A stand with Palestinian detainees is a stand for the freedom of a people that demands nothing but its freedom and dignity.


Do not allow the jailer to triumph and endure. Do not allow darkness to engulf the free spirit of Palestinians.


We ask of you very little. Raise your voice in a letter, a poem, or a speech. Participate in a lecture or a workshop. Take part in freeing your fellow humans, for we have no greater treasure than humans and we have no holier than their lives.


It is the right of our people to resist their occupier. It is the indivisible right of our detainees to be treated as prisoners of war. They deserve the protections of UN resolutions and international humanitarian law. Israel cannot be allowed to remain a country above international law.  Israel cannot be allowed to mock the world and disregard its values and its laws. We cannot remain silent in the face of the Israeli slow murdering of our people’s spirit with its darkness.


For the free to relish the warmth of the sun and the caress of the morning dew, for the free to live in normalcy and tranquility, we must remember those whose freedom was confiscated. We must remember those whose bodies are held between walls and their spirits continue to fight for a freedom they will never forget.