Brief report about detainees

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs’ report emphasizes the policy of intensified collective punishment conducted by the Israeli government during the past few months. The GoI embarked upon a wide-ranging campaign of mass arrests without differentiating between children and adults, men or women.

 The campaign has been characterized by mass detentions of minors (children under the age of eighteen) and exposing them to inhuman and degrading treatment, physical torture, and unfair trials.

The Commission revealed that since the beginning of last October, 2400 Palestinians have been arrested; half of them (1200) were minors who were imprisoned for varying periods of time.

Since the beginning of the current public uprising, the rate of administrative detentions has picked up to include 520 new detainees including adults and minors from Jerusalem, and the lands of 48.

Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said that the number of detainees who still under arrest has reached 7000, including 430 minors and 40 female detainees. This number is subject to constant change due to the continuous arrests.

The Commission’s report further explains that the campaign of arrests especially against children was the result of political resolution directly from the occupation government as well as the racist provocation by Israeli leaders against the Palestinian people and their leadership.

The report continues to state that 20 male and female detainees were arrested after being shot by the Israeli soldiers and many of them are still receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

The report states that the crimes and violations committed against Palestinian detainees include:

  • Deliberate killing and extrajudicial executions instead of arrests.
  • Orders to Facilitate shooting Palestinians instead of arrests and detention.
  • Leaving the wounded detainees bleeding for a long time without giving them first aid.
  • Kidnapping wounded detainees from hospitals.
  • Torture, brutal abuse, psychological pressure, and threatening against the detainees especially children.
  • Using dogs to attack the detainees while arresting them.
  • Using special units to arrest and kidnap Palestinians.
  • Using detainees as human shields.
  • Demolishing the homes of detainees.
  • Retaining the bodies of Palestinian martyrs.
  • The passing of new legislation that allows for the arrest and sentencing of minors at the age of 14, and the proposal of further legislation that allows for the arrest and sentencing of children at the age of 12.
  • Placing detainees, especially children, in prisons that lack the essentials of human life, such as Givon prison in the city of Al Ramlah.
  • Arrests that aim to suppress the freedom of expression and activities on social media.


The commission further reports that Israel behaves as a state above international law and thus violates the rights of detainees with concern for consequences. Israel also frequently paints its crimes with a color of legality through racially discriminatory legislation passed by the Israeli legislating bodies and enforced by the Israeli judicial system; including the Israeli High Court of Justice.

The report singles out the fierce onslaught being carried out on the city of Jerusalem and its residents considering it of the outmost concern. 800 Palestinian Jerusalemites have been arrested since the beginning of October, half of whom are minors. Excessive punishment was imposed on children such as: house stay, alienation, high monetary fees, and ethnic cleansing practiced in Jerusalem.

The annual range of children detention was around 700-900 before the eruption of the uprising, whereas, it reached to 1200 arrest cases during the last two months alone.

The report emphasizes that, through political resolution, the Israeli government has eliminated the immunity of children in detention and trials. Thereby, the Palestinian childhood is targeted in the detention campaign.

The campaign of detention is accompanied by collective punishments represented in:

  • Home demolishing.
  • Retaining the corpses of martyrs.
  • Alienation, disenfranchisement and marginalization of Palestinian Jerusalemites.
  • Imposing of further taxes in Jerusalem.
  • Revoking the identity cards of Palestinian Jerusalemites.
  • Intensify closures and increasing of checkpoints between the cities.
  • Breaking into hospitals and abducting injured people.