The message of palestinian children to His Holiness Pope Francis I

Please allow us to start our letter by conveying our deepest congratulations and sincerest well wishes on the occasion of Christmas. We pray to Almighty God, in this time of prayer and hope, that our Palestinian people and all peoples of the world are blessed with peace, love and freedom. We pray that next year will be a year of peace, stability, and justice in the Holy Land.

On behalf of the children of Palestine, we ask your Holiness to pray for the children of Palestine. We ask that you add your voice to ours as we plead to the Lord to shed his mercy upon us all and to save our childhood from torment by the Israeli occupation authorities.

We call upon you to intervene. We call upon you to let the world know of our plight. We call upon you to carry to the world the message of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. The message of love, joy, happiness, and peace. The message of the Son of Man that guided the lost and delivered the oppressed and deprived, and freed humanity from the yoke of tyranny and slavery.

We, the children of Palestine, are being slaughtered in the street of Palestine by the occupation forces. Palestinian children are subjected to extrajudicial executions everyday. Palestinian children are arrested and detained illegally and inhumanly. We are subjected to torture, and dehumanization.

His Holiness Pope Francis I

The innocence of Palestinian children is extinguished daily in the Holy Land. 1500 child were arrested in the last three months. The occupation authorities target us to destroy the future of our people.

The Israeli practices against children violate all humanitarian, international, and holy laws. But Israeli practices are far more dangerous when legislated into the Israeli law and sanctioned and legitimized by it. Israeli authorities, armed by their new laws, aim to arrest the largest number of Palestinian children and impose unfair sentences on them.


His Holiness Pope Francis I

How long will Herod chase the Child in the Grotto and try to extinguish the lights of Christmas?  How long will the Holy Land keep bleeding form the oppression of the longest occupation in modern history?

We hope to stop the suffering, and that our people enjoy their freedom and independent state, and that our children live like the rest of the children around the world without fear of harm or prosecuted.

Your children

The Children of Palestine